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In the auto parts industry, you will find that auto parts data is a big problem, which seriously restricts the development of the entire industry. A lot of companies slammed into the south wall of the auto parts data and stopped. Some repair shops are hitting the wall everywhere, not worth the candle. Having a set of auto parts data query system has become the dream of many auto parts industry entrepreneurs.

Since its establishment in 1998, Nanyang Nantai has been chasing dreams for 20 years and has been deeply cultivating the market for oil pump test benches. Relying on the support of upstream companies, downstream customers help and collect auto parts data to provide customers with more accurate calibration data. After a long period of hard work, it is now small and has formed its own database of auto parts products. In order to help more customers at home and abroad, the company has digitized and marketed these database contents and made the Big Dipper auto repair data query system.

Big Dipper auto repair data query system contains fault code, circuit diagram, vehicle supporting information, component information, and test data. The fault code contains more than 60,000 items, not only the fault code is summarized, but also the fault analysis; the circuit diagram contains the circuit diagrams of common vehicles and components at home and abroad; the supporting information can be based on the vehicle model, the engine information to query the part model; the component information is more than 30,000 The strip contains the internal structure information of the part and the model number of the accessory. The test data includes the fuel injector and oil pump data of common models on the market. The whole system is easy to operate, and the query is convenient and fast. I hope that this query system can help more people.

The construction of auto parts database is a systematic project. This is not a company that can handle this matter by itself. The construction of auto parts data system must involve the participation of upstream and downstream enterprises. If you encounter data that we don't have during use, please feel free to leave a message and contact us, and provide detailed data to save time and money for more friends.

Data sorting is not easy, and it is used and cherished.